Carina Bachmann and our horses began the year 2018 successfully. We are happy that we can continue the success of the past year.
She achieved various victories and placings:

K+K Cup 2018 in Münster (10.01.-14.01.18)
Contador was placed in the dressage test of level S* on Friday and got the ticket for the dressage test S** on Saturday. After a great round they became 6th.

dressage/jumping Late-Entry Südlohn-Oeding 16.01.-17.01.2018
Our 6 yo gelding "First Choice" was third in the M-class dressage horse test. He has competed at this level for the first time!
Donnerwetter got the 5th place in a dressage test of level S*.

Dressage-Late-Entry-Bochum 21.01.2018
Scar and Carina got place 4 in the dressage test of level M. This was the first test for Carina and Scar! We are happy about it!
Contador continues his series in the test of level S and won with over 70 %.
"Donnerwetter" took 5th place in the same test.