Each of the horses has evolved and that makes us particularly happy.

The only 7-year-old mare "Picay" got ribbons in all her tests.
She placed third and sixth in dressage tests of class M ** on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday she started as one of the youngest horse in her first S* test and finished second. We are proud and happy about it.


The gelding was experienced and in the best form.
However, in his list of placements he lacked the victory in S class - he has achieved at this weekend.
He won the Prix St.-Georg and placed himself again in a S **.


We are very pleased that he is getting more and more consistent and placed 4th in the test of level M ** and also in his first test of level S.


After "Tarantino" showed his S *** debut in the "Halle Münsterland" with some mistakes, the further training became noticeable. He is getting safer in this class.
He got a scope of 9 for the passages!
The gelding finished third in the Inter B and placed 5th in Inter II.