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People's age-old fascination with horses can manifest itself in many different forms. One person's ambition might be to compete successfully, somebody else might be happy to share moments of harmony with their horse each day, and somebody else still may want, if they manage it, to find the right partner for whatever the objective may be.


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As a trained Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, Fabian Scholz knows from his own experience how the well-known saying that ‘happiness on Earth is on a horse’s back’ feels. As early as an 18-year-old, he experienced the satisfaction of discovering an interesting horse, purchasing it and, finally, passing it on into the right hands - and this is how he discovered his passion.


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To discover young horses, train them and then match them up with the right rider and continue to follow their development - to recognise quality and bring this out is the motivation with which the Team Scholz stands out when it comes to choosing a partner in your search for a horse, whether you are a competitive sportsperson and strive to compete successfully up to international level or whether you are an ambitious hobby rider who would like to experience pure harmony with your equine partner.


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We have a constant selection of talented dressage horses for our customers. From the promising youngster through to the successful competition veteran, our offer covers everything. At the same time, we place a lot of importance on correct, respectful training and handling, with horse-friendly training and stable management. Part of our selection can be viewed on our website, but if you cannot find the horse you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and...


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