Fabian Scholz

Fabian Scholz

Born in Berlin, Fabian Scholz has had a passion for horses and riding from an early age. A life with horses led him to Baden Württemberg. He laid the foundations for his equestrian career in the Konle riding and training yard.

Fabian Scholz arrived in Warendorf to attend the sports academy located here. The flair of the 'City of Horses' and the numerous contacts with horse friends convinced him to remain in Warendorf.

The step into adulthood was closely accompanied by two intertwined experiences: one was his first success in S-level showjumping and the other was his decision to become self-employed. Since 1999, he has constantly expanded his sales yard. His clientele now includes many renowned riders from all over the world. His Argentinian roots enabled Fabian Scholz to establish himself easily also in the Spanish-speaking world. He has taken care of clients from Europe to Dubai in their search for a horse, in their riding and with their training to the most advanced levels.

Correct training of both horse and rider are particularly close to Fabian Scholz’s heart. He took his Pferdewirtschaftsmeister exam in 2007. Fabian Scholz has a particularly good eye for young horses. His gift of recognising young horses and bringing them on has recently been proven by the fact that horses he discovered have been successfully shown at the Bundeschampionat and at the World Championships for Young Horses. He has achieved this in dressage, showjumping and eventing. These horses are shown by well-known riders from his circle of friends. His students were succesfull in dressage and jumping tests up to level S, championships and german championships.

Fabian mit Pferd

His long involvement and experience in the marketing of horses have enabled him to develop a wealth of knowledge and given him the sense to quickly know which horse is ideally suited to which client. He belongs to a new generation of horse marketers who place the equine partner at the forefront of their thoughts and negotiations, always.

Together with the dressage rider and trainer Susanne Miesner, who has been successful up to Grand Prix, Fabian Scholz founded, in 2008, Classical Sales Warendorf. This auction concept, which focuses on horses who have been trained according to their age and in a respectful manner, received enthusiastic coverage from the beginning and, thanks to its excellent results, it has managed to convince even the sceptics.

In 2015 he successfully completed his second examination as a sud manager (horse management) in the area of breeding and equine!

With Fabian Scholz, you have an experienced, honest and successful horse person by your side for advice and action.

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